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Car tinting in Marbella

cristales de coche tintados

The best car wash to tint the windows of your car

Do you want to protect your car from the sun and avoid prying eyes? Then, tinting the windows of your car is the solution. Your windows will gain protection and safety, without forgetting the elegance that gives the black color... 

Thanks to window tinting you can choose the desired intensity of darkness, mirror effect, and even shades of gray. The result will always be to the customer's taste.

In addition, if any glass should suffer any breakage, this would not happen to greater, since the film applied on the glass would help to avoid a major breakage and that the window is exposed.

We are located in Marbella and we travel all over the Costa del Sol. 

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Smoked headlamps

Incredible the effect that can be achieved with the smoked vinyls, both rear and front headlights, which completely let the light through. Give a different touch to the headlights and taillights of your car by smoking them. 

Why tint car windows?

It may seem that car window tinting is an unnecessary luxury, but it is not. In addition to achieving a more aesthetic appearance, tinting your car windows has a number of advantages that you should be aware of.

Increased safety

By making the interior of the car darker, it reduces the risk of being dazzled by other cars and the possibility of suffering an accident as a result. In addition, these windows are made of polyester, a material that adheres consistently to the glass and prevents the windows from flying off in the event of an accident and injuring passengers.

Improve the temperature of the vehicle

Leaving the car parked in the sun for a while and overheating is not a problem that only happens in Marbella. The protection offered by tinted windows will drastically reduce the temperature of the vehicle.

Fuel savings

Directly related to the previous point, the fact of having a pleasant temperature inside the vehicle leads us to use less air conditioning and, therefore, not spend so much fuel.

Protects your car's bodywork

The sun's rays damage materials such as leather or car dashboard. Tinted glass offers strong protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Privacy and theft deterrence

On many occasions we may leave any kind of utensil in the car, we may drop money and leave by mistake any valuables. The fact of having tinted windows considerably reduces the possibility of intruders wanting to get their hands on our personal belongings. Finally, the advantage we all know: privacy. If you don't want prying eyes watching you while driving, there is nothing better than having tinted windows.

You already have the reasons to tint the windows of your car in Marbella with Auto Home Services. For other car cleaning service, we adapt to your needs.