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Car polishing in Marbella

eliminar arañados del coche con pulido al detalle

Polishing your car in detail

Polishing your car is a task that you should not leave in the hands of just anyone. In Auto Home Services we offer you a professional, detailed and guaranteed service. 

The paint of the car deteriorates due to its continuous use and little by little it becomes darker. In addition, due to the action of external agents, the paint may wear or scratch. 

At Auto Home Services we offer you a car polishing in Marbella and the Costa del Sol that will leave you with your mouth open and in only 4 hours.

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¿Do you only want to polish the headlights of your car or remove scratches? We adapt to you 

Sometimes it is not necessary to polish the entire car. Many customers just want to perform an optimal headlight polishing or to remove an occasional scratch. The most common reasons for scratch removal are mosquitoes, limescale build-up or rubbing against plants. 

If this is your case, and you prefer to save time in polishing your car but get the same quality result... Count on us.

How we polish the car

We explain you step by step the procedure to polish your car.

  1. Thorough cleaning: we remove all the dirt and dust from the bodywork of the car. We have to use products that are not harmful to the paint of the vehicle. Once the car is totally clean. We proceed to remove the soap and leave the car completely dry.
  2. We select the machine: to polish the car we can use high speed machines or round plate polishers. With both you can get a good result, but the second requires more experience and can achieve finer results.
  3. Apply the wax: The level of aggressiveness of the wax will depend on the type of paint, the time it takes to perform the treatment, and the depth of the scratches or imperfections that your car has.
  4. Polishing: We begin by applying the wax on the scratches and most eroded areas of the vehicle. We apply a force considered in that area with the selected machine making rotary movements until the bodywork piece is finished. If the customer and/or the vehicle requires it, we repeat the process all over the vehicle.

Benefits of polishing the car

  • Shiny and clean appearance
  • Protective layer
  • Keeps the car cleaner for longer
  • Greater protection against external agents: sun, wind, rain...
  • Rejuvenates the look of your car.
We would like to highlight the remarkable improvement in the shine of your car after polishing it. What's more, even if your car has no defects, you can ask us to polish it to make it look better than ever. 

Which sponge to use to polish the car?

The sponge used to polish the car is known as a cutting sponge (also known as a mop, tassel or tow). These sponges are placed in the machine selected to polish the car, reaching a degree of abrasion of P1000-P1500.

Polishing your car in Marbella is the best choice you can make to rejuvenate your vehicle.Your car also needs a thorough cleaning? Auto Home Services can also help you.