Personalize car in Marbella

personalizar tu coche en auto home services en marbella

Personalize your car how you desire

Want to customize your car? Auto Home Services is the right place for it.

We know how to optimize your vehicle and make it look the way you want without damaging the materials of your car. Tell us your idea, which parts of your car you want to customize and we will carry it out without any problem. 

The price of customizing your vehicle varies depending on the time and materials used. 

Contact us by WhatsApp and tell us how you want to customize your vehicle. If you can't bring your car to our workshop, we will go wherever you need.

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Tell us what aspect of your car you want to change

tubo de escape tuneado y personalizado en marbella

In Marbella tuning has always been in fashion. The large number of luxury cars in the area makes many want to customize their car so that there is no other like it.

Whether it is the interior or exterior of the vehicle, the most frequently performed car customizations are:

Customize car stickers

It's the easiest way to change the look of your car. Done the right way, you can distinguish your car from the rest with customised vinyl details to give it the look you're looking for or by vinyling your entire car while protecting the bodywork.

Customize the steering wheel

Mainly, the aspect that is modified is the steering wheel upholstery. Thus, this can be:

  • Natural leather
  • Perforated leather
  • Alcantara leather
  • A combination of materials

Interior customisation

For interiors there are multiple options:

  • Change colours of any part.
  • Add carbon fibre effect details.
  • Upholster your steering wheel, seats, dashboard, etc... with any type of material.
  • Change your sound system (speakers)
  • Add radio with display


Exterior customisation: installation of bodykits and spoilers

If your desire is to modify the appearance on the outside of your vehicle giving it a more robust or aggressive touch, this is your place. We put spoilers, sports bumpers, custom headlights, carbon fiber mirrors, etc ... the world of motoring united in a single company that provides all the facilities for you to put your imagination to fly.

Custom exhaust pipe

The limit is up to you, whatever you want to modify to your liking, Auto Home Services will provide you with the solution. You only need to bring us your idea and we will carry it out.

Lo más solicitado por nuestros clientes

¿Cuáles son los aspectos más solicitados por nuestros clientes a la hora de cambiar el aspecto o personalizar su vehículo? Los enumeramos a continuación:

  • Reprogramación de vehículo: Aumentar los CV de tu vehículo
  • Pintar las pinzas del freno
  • Colocar llantas deportivas
  • Añadir alerones, spoilers, labios… En general, todo aquello que le de un toque más robusto a la estética de tu vehículo.
  • Personalize your car in Marbella with Auto Home Services will mean a before and after in the enjoyment of your vehicle. Don't hesitate to call us to enjoy this service or to wash your car in detail in Marbella.