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Car upholstery cleaning Marbella

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Car upholstery cleaning

Our car upholstery cleaning service will remove any stain from the interior of your vehicle. No matter if it is fabric or leather, we will not resist any imperfection that may exist. 

Depending on how long the stain remains on the seat, it will take more or less time to disappear.The average time to make your car's upholstery as good as new varies between 2 and 3 hours.

We are located in Marbella and we bring our services all over the Costa del Sol. 

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Car upholstery cleaning process

Car upholstery cleaning is a task that we must do on a recurring basis. The sooner we remove stains or dirt from the upholstery of our cars, the less likely it will deteriorate and we will increase its useful life. 

The process of cleaning car upholstery consists of:

    • First, we impregnate some rotating brushes with our special upholstery cleaner which we will pass all over the interior. With this step we eliminate all the stains of the car.
    • Injection and extraction machine. Using our special cleaner from before, in order not to mix odors, we pass our injection and extraction machine through all the upholstery. This machine absorbs all the dirt from the vehicle while leaving it dry and ready for use.
    • We repeat the process as many times as necessary to guarantee the best result.

With this treatment, we manage to remove any kind of stain or dirt from the car: vomit, food leftovers, liquids, grease, mud?

Moisturize leather

Once we have finished removing all the impurities, you can opt for an extra service; moisturize the leather of your car's upholstery. We use products that make the leather maintain a protective film to prevent the sun's rays from discoloration and cracking. It is the final touch to leave the upholstery of your car as the first day. 

Nothing stops Auto Home Services when it comes to clean your car in detail.Do not hesitate to contact to us for cleaning the upholstery of your car.