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Interior car cleaning: Marbella

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Cleaning and treatment of the car interior

Our car interior cleaning is characterized by its high degree of detail, focusing on every detail and without overlooking anything. Our disinfectant products do not exaggerate the shine or leave odors, looking for the maximum possible naturalness. In addition, the surface of your vehicle will not become greasy as is the case with most products on the market. 

High quality cleaning, without harmful products and in only 40 minutes. Ideal for demanding customers.

Book now and enjoy driving your car like never before thanks to our car interior cleaning.

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Services in addition to interior cleaning

In addition to cleaning the interior of your car, you can have any of these treatments performed in addition:

Interior restoration

No matter how impeccable it looks on the outside, passengers enjoy a car from the inside. The passage of time causes the most sensitive elements such as plastics to deteriorate, even more so when the car is not in a garage. Therefore, in addition to completely remove dirt from the vehicle, Auto Home Services can perform the following restorations of the interior of your vehicle:
  • Restoration of interior plastics: plastic elements, such as those forming the dashboard, doors, handbrake, gearshift, etc.
  • Restoration of the car steering wheel: repair and healing of any wear or breakage on steering wheels

In case you have other leather elements of your car, apart from the steering wheel, that you wish to have restored, you can also request it.

tratamiento interior coche marbella

Hydrophobic treatments

Don't you know what hydrophobic treatments are? This innovative treatment is used to provide self-cleaning and protective properties to the different parts of your vehicle. In other words, it acts as a repellent against external agents such as water, dust and other debris. By applying this treatment it will be more difficult for dirt to penetrate the material.

Hydrophobic treatments for the car are available for:

  • Glass
  • Hoods
  • Car mats
  • Seats

If you want to take care and interior cleaning of your car at the limit, don't look for another car wash. Contact Auto Home Services.