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Motorcycle cleaning Marbella

Limpieza profesional de motos

Motorcycle cleaning in detail

In Auto Home Services we also take care of the two wheels. Our motorcycle cleaning service will leave your vehicle ready to enjoy driving to the fullest. 

We will clean every detail and imperfection, even those that are not visible to the naked eye. The result, your bike will look like the first day. 

In addition, we add a layer of wax that will make your bike look with a spectacular natural shine.

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The process of cleaning your motorcycle

The motorcycle cleaning process is unique and individualized for each client. It is a detailed process in which dirt is removed from all parts of the bike, no matter how small or hidden they are: aluminum, underbody, pipes, cables, plastics, leather...

Once we have finished removing the dirt completely, we give a final touch with wax to the sheet metal of the bike so that it looks shiny, as if it had just left the dealership 

Aluminum polishing 

In addition to removing dirt, we also polish any part of your bike. Over time, it is normal that the initial brightness is reduced and even that the bike oxidizes. Therefore, polishing the aluminum of your motorcycle periodically will increase its durability. 

Polishing exhaust pipe

The exhaust pipe is one of the most eroded parts of the motorcycle due to the high temperatures it supports. At Auto Home Services we also know how to polish exhaust pipes or any other part you need. 

How to clean the motorcycle tank

The outside of the tank of a motorcycle is the most visible part, the one that is most often scratched and suffers the most wear and tear due to scratches when we get on and off the bike. 

At Auto Home Services we offer the care and protection of this vulnerable part of the motorcycles. Even if it is already very worn, we can recover it with a good polishing and add protection with vinyl or ceramic.

Products to clean the bike

For a correct cleaning of the motorcycle, in Auto Home Services we use: 

  • Neutral pre-cleaner to remove all the dirt
  • Dust repellent wax for the bodywork
  • Leather moisturizer for the seat
  • Plastic renovator 
  • Aluminum cleaner for the exhaust pipe and other aluminum elements.


Auto Home Services, the right place to go for cleaning your motorcycle in Marbella. If you need to clean or wash your car, you can also contact to us.