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Engine cleaning Marbella

motor de coche de lujo

The most professional engine cleaning

At Auto Home Services we offer you a thorough and professional engine cleaning for your car. We will leave it as good as new, no matter if it is a diesel, gasoline, hybrid or electric engine.

We perform this cleaning with compressed air and fast evaporating alcohol based products. At no time do we use water in this cleaning, as it could damage the electronic systems of your vehicle.

Book now and extend the life of your car with our detailed engine cleaning in just 45 minutes!

We are in Marbella and San Pedro de Alcántara, and along the whole Costa del Sol. 

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Car engine cleaning without water

It is very important that car engine cleaning is performed without water. Otherwise, electronic components of the vehicle, such as sensors, alternators, hoses... could be damaged. The water pressure can also cause the parts that make up the engine to deteriorate prematurely, and water can enter any vulnerable leakage point in the car. pudiendo entrar el agua en cualquier punto de fuga vulnerable en el coche.

Alcohol-based products

To remove all traces of oil, dust and grease that can damage your car's engine, we use alcohol-based disinfectants and degreasing products that we alternate with compressed air to reach the smallest details of your engine.

Engine cleaning by hand

Detailed cleaning is our specialty. We reach all the corners where there might be traces of dirt using specialized brushes and rags.

Pressurized air machine

We use air pressure machines to ensure that the engine is completely dry and that there are no traces of the cleaning products used.


Diesel, gasoline, hybrid or electric engine cleaning.

Regardless of the type of engine your car has, at Auto Home Services we will give it the cleaning it needs.

Diesel engine cleaning

Diesel engines are more prone to accumulate carbon inside the engine. This carbon build-up makes the engine run worse, more irregularly and wastes fuel.

Gasoline engine cleaning

Gasoline engine cleaning is carried out following the above-mentioned process:

  • Alcohol-based products
  • Cleaning by hand with brushes 
  • Steam or compressed air machines to remove any remaining dirt from the engine.

Restore engine plastics

High temperatures, accumulated dirt and not cleaning the car engine frequently are some of the reasons that can cause the engine plastics to be damaged. Restoring them is necessary, not only aesthetically, but also in case of having to make any repairs in the event of a breakdown.


We are the professionals you need for cleaning the engine of your car in Marbella . If you need a full car washing or other services, do not hesitate to contact us.